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Why you too should skin yourself and make clothing with this shed layer!

Yes, Yes...I wish to leave. Why not just let me go away. I doubt they really need me here. How could me not being over here change anything. Need to work on mind stuff. I need to remember I am too mean to myself.

"Watch, all, as we remove the freaks arms. Decomposing flesh next to raw, living flesh. The arms do not become tainted. And behold, the freak can still move the arms, with the dead flesh, even when no longer attached to the body. How could such be possible? Well this is just the beginning! To see more and find out dark secrets, things that no one should know, just buy a ticket and come inside..."

I don't know how I will ever be able to keep up with all that is current with the music that is most important to me. Orgy announced their new album, Punk Statik Paranoia, and have released a single. It took fucking long enough. I was scared they were never gonna put out another album. I checked Amazon.com, so I could pre-order it and found that not only did they not have the album listed, but they did not have the single listed either. I informed them. There are some albums I need to order. While at the D1 site found out that Zeromancer had released another album...didn't see it on Amazon. Also read some stuff about The Birthday Massacre. I would really like to be exposed to, and a part of so much music. I continued looking through the stuff listed on the D1 site and would really like to listen to some of the stuff. Maybe if they stop being retards with the computers, or when I get back to the States. I think I will keep an eye and ear on D1 and suggestions from them. So desperate for the wonderful music. (can't even listen to "The Obvious" as these fucking computers have nothing...can't listen to music unless you are logged in as the admin...fuckers...and I left so much music I wanted to bring back with me...damn it...and I just fucking embarassed myself in front of one of the very few people who I would consider doing shit with when we get back...damn him...me done now)
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