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Oscar Wilde, motherfucker! C'mon now, son...

Not in good mood, loneliness creeping back, not that it was ever really gone. Trying to be healthy and wise with my eating. That doesn't work. Could either accept a little body fat or quit eating. Eating gives me something to do while working and watching stuff before I go to bed.

Been really considering writing, but I am unable to devote the time I feel I should to it. Been storing the stuff in my head, so that will be good until I forget the stuff.

Once I have my freedom, what will I do. Need money, so I should get a job. Need to satisfy my hunger for knowledge, so I should go back to school. Need to create all the things I want, of which only a few need money that I do not have at present, and all of which require me to be able to work on them when inspired or motivated, so I should neither go to school or work. Also so much stuff I wish to see and do. Maybe I should just travel around... Dunno how I will survive with that, and doubt I would have the few people I do have at present after a while. I can't seem to keep in touch with people very well. Maybe I will figure out what I should do when the time comes. (I hate doing that)

Read about some black absinthe. 160 proof. Sounds nice. Actually rubbing alcohol sounds nice right now.

I think I will sleep now...
(damn these tight pants, squishing my stuff...gotta keep pulling them back down...so used to the loose pants I came with that the new ones they gave me recently suck...wonder if anyone else would like em on me)
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