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bitching and whining and boring

I think I am now positive I am not very good in public. Had to go see if some of the guys replacing us had some paperwork. Had never been down there to where they are set up. Walked down there. Looked in a door. Turned around. Went back to our room. I knew I had limited time to take care of all of this. Went back down there. Looked in the door. Walked in. Turned around. Went back. I couldn't even ask where the place I was looking for was located. I begged one of our chicks to walk with me. She asked if I asked anyone where it was. She said she couldn't help me when I told her I had not. A couple other people were too busy. Finally, one of the guys I used to work with and hang out with sometimes said he would show me where I needed to go.

I found out what they needed. I had brought it with me, but they didn't have a printer, so I went back to print it. When I looked at the printer I usually use it was off. I asked someone else if I could use their printer. Someone was on the computer connected to the printer. I went to the people who have a printer connected to their network, but their printer was not working. Eventually I found a printer to use. When I printed it the page for 23 Feb printed twice. How amusing.

Hand washing laundry is dangerous. It is even more dangerous when you are doing it with the lights turned off so that all the bugs go to the little trap bag thing. And when you have a water heater that, and a shower head that is fucked. Put the shower head in the tub, as it is too hot to hold, then turn it on all the way. Notice that warmth on your foot? Yes, that is the water that was heating up the shower thing so which caused you to put it down. Notice how your foot is burning now. Damned boots and bloused pants. Stupid shower head that sprays out the sides instead of the front.

Why is it so difficult for people to clean up after themselves? I do not mind if a personal area, but when it is a fucking common area that everyone uses it pisses me off to see trash all over. I look around after watching Super Troopers and see bottles laying around and trash all over the place, packing peanuts on the table, etc... What the fuck is so hard about cleaning up your stuff? I hadn't noticed it until today, but for the past 3 days I have been picking up the trash of others.

I just felt like wasting some time, so here is .

My name is: David
I may seem: mean
But I'm really: lonely
Sometimes I feel: depressed
In the morning I: hate not being able to decide my own hours
I like to sleep: as little as I can... Too much to do.
If I could be doing anything right now I would be: trying to remove my mind (That's right, I said mind, not brain)
Money is: used to enslave the people
One thing I wish I had is: everything
One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: all this programming I have done to myself over the years.
All I need is: happiness
If I had one wish it would be: the freedom and ability to do everything (and everyone) I want.
Love is: depressing
If an angel flew into my window at night I would: eat it
If a demon crashed into my window I would: eat it
If I could see one person right now it would be: someone I am happy around
Something I want but I don't really need is: sex
Something I need but I don't really want is: a (single) body with which to survive
I live for: dunno...maybe I shouldn't live...I mean information
I am afraid of: being forever alone
It makes me angry when: I am not able to accomplish that which I wish to

What is your favorite...
Color:: green or grey or black or silver or that purplish-bluish color or white sometimes or pink if I am in the mood or red
Type of music:: good shit, I guess. I like a lot of synth stuff.
Band:: I like too many...for a few look at my interests.
Singer:: Usually female vocals, occasional men.
Love song:: Satellite of Love by Lou Reed...hurry, next question before I change my mind
Upbeat song:: how about my pedophilia duo, Pantyshot by MSI & Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl by Deadsy, or maybe In League by Bile, or maybe something by Technotronic
Depressing song:: dunno
Album:: one of them by Orgy or Placebo or Holy Wood by MM or Version 2.0 by Garbage
Actor:: Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp
Actress:: Reese Witherspoon or Fairuza Balk or Christina Ricci or maybe Milla Jovovich
Romantic movie:: Secretary
Scary movie:: The Truman Show
Dramatic movie:: I dunno...somebody suggest one
Funny movie:: most movies...for now Visitor Q
Animated movie:: oooh...Sinbad...It has Eris!!! (they didn't do too good a job of her though)
All time favorite movie:: most movies I watch regularly...maybe The Fifth Element
Movie snack:: pussy
Tv Show:: Lexx/SG1/ST:TNG
Tv station:: does the Sci-Fi Channel count?
Talk show:: "I don't like the drugs..."
Food:: dead animals and other yummy stuff
Ice Cream:: Death By Chocolate with chocolate sauce, on a brownie, kinda heated up so it isn't cold. With chocolate sauce...
Pie:: "Pie pie pie pie pie...PIE!"
Cake:: Chocolate, with chocolate frosting stuff.
Cookie:: um...chocolate chip, or maybe chocolate with chocolate chips. They have to be soft.
Poptart:: most, but not the chocolate ones unless I microwave them
Dessert:: cunt
Pizza topping:: Lotsa cheese, no sauce, pig
Jello:: Jell-o brand chocolate pudding
Lunch meat:: dead animals (c'mon, what the hell do you mean...don't give me many options there...how about dead birds)
Fruit:: no
Veggie:: no (potatoes are good, but they don't count)
Condiment:: cheese or chocolate or butter or garlic sauce...do any of those count?
Drink:: sure, whatcha got?
Soda: Mt. Dew, fucker!
Juice:: elf juice (see Elf Panties)
Retaraunt:: If I have to.
Fast food:: Taco Hell, or somewhere where I can get dead chickens.
Fast food meal:: Chicken Sammich w/ a bit of mayo and some lettuce...once in a while a bit of cheese or bacon, but not often.
Breakfast:: Biscuits and Gravy, bitch!
Lunch:: um...dead animals or other yumminess
Dinner:: see breakfast and lunch or ask me at dinner time
Midnight Snack:: what do we have?
Cereal:: Cocoa Pebbles or the Reese's stuff or something like that
Gum:: that pink orbit stuff
Candy:: Chocolate
Toothpaste:: ok
Mall:: if they have something I want
Store:: Super Wal-Mart if I have to pick one
Clothing brand:: I don't dig clothing brands
Computer brand:: Apple
Book:: I dunno, I haven't written it yet.
Kid's Book:: Hustler
Author:: Robert Anton Wilson
Magazine:: Bizarre (where is my subscription?)
Wild animal:: yumm
Pet: probably some lovely woman...I don't currently have any pets.
Month:: What the fuck kind of favorite is that?
Day of week:: Gotta be kidding.
Time of day:: when it is not sunny
Season:: The Aftermath
Holiday:: ho hum...
Flower:: white roses
Letter:: what?
Number:: 5407
Finger:: ok...
Quote:: too many...um I will edit one in later if I remember
Insect:: Mantis
Shampoo:: Uh, I forgot...it is in that black bottle...wish I had hair.
Cologne:: PI by Givenchy...the blue one (I do a search and all I see is the brown/yellow one. Maybe I should buy a whole bunch when I find it)
Deodorant:: I don't remember the brand.
Sex position:: All.
Ex bf/gf:: huh? Favorite? Fuck that...
Country:: I am not educated enough to answer that at this time.
State:: I dunno...Panic...Confusion...
City: Same as Country
Boy name:: Xerxes...
Girl name:: hmmm...
Eye color:: Really light blue...but it doesn't matter.
Hair color:: Real red(not "natural) or pink or blond and long
Shape:: Vagina
Board game:: Monopoly
Video game:: Yes, that is my favorite video game
Computer game:: yes, again.
Game system:: Depends on mood. Usually something made by Nintendo...my GBA SP is pretty cool, if it counts.
Female friend:: not sure...Angela...
Male friend:: I don't know if I have any.
Hang out:: as lain calls it "the Wired"...or maybe ffanrad, even if it is all in my head.
Perons to talk to on the phone:: Monica
Website:: http://www.google.com
Online buddy:: myself :(
Online phrase:: what the hell do you mean?
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