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Artificial Sentient Being

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Rarely updated.

I hope this bothers you.

If you want a summary of some of my strong opinions with which to judge me, or for some other reason wish to invade the privacy that is me read the following.

I love technology, old and new. I like science, old and new. I like some fiction, mostly science fiction, dealing with technology, old and new. I like much that deals with the past...

Anything related to cyberpunk is likely to be high on my list*. This includes postcyberpunk and steampunk. I only recently began recognising these as distinctive from cyberpunk. Clockpunk is not on this list for the obviously close, and probably incestuos relationship with steampunk. Biopunk may or may not fit in. Usually, I find that fantasy is shit. Mystery is fun. What most people find humorous seems horrific, usually due to how pathetic it shows the audience to be. Horror tends to be quite amusing, more so if there is a high body count, or a grim outcome for the protagonist.

I enjoy films if they for some reason appeal to me or piss me off in the right way. They can appeal to me by being on a subject I enjoy, be it science fiction, science and such**, history, sex or some perversion used to replace sex, death, or things that are just not proper, spirituality or religion or whatever I choose to call things that fit into this category. This will also include television programs. The previous paragraph applies here, as well.

What many choose to call music (for their taste in such is both shallow and unrefined) I have grown away from my earliest intrest, likely due to my childhood environmental influence, in 1980's music, particularly that which was heavily synthesised. I still very much enjoy "artificially" created music but mostly along the lines of industrial and all things postindustrial that are not designed for dancing. If it sounds nice I probably don't like it, although their are a few groups and artists that have found ways to bypass my typical preference. I am more tolerant of traditional music of most cultures than any mainstream popular music. The more modern popular music is, the less I enjoy it. There are always a few popular songs in a decade that will appeal to me, though.

I play video games (old and new). I prefer something that I find fun to play over something that looks somewhat realistic. Because I also like old shit I think I have ended up in the retro gamer category. I do play modern games, but only if they work for me. I consider video game design a bit of an art (if done well).

Regarding visual art...well if you can't figure this out by now then please quit wasting resources that others could make better use of. If someone calls it "disgusting", "weird", or "offensive", or other such adjectives I may like it. Beware: what many call art I call a pathetic waste of time and effort. If you think you are clever with your art, I know you are fucking worthless and an idiot, in the traditional sense, long before the destructive ripple caused by "political correctness" reached across the land. Fuck politicians as well.

It is pointless to look at my political opinions as they vary greatly from subject to subject and are also influenced by my emotional state at the time. It also tends to be objective. I am extremely conservative while being beyond liberal. Pretty much, I want to do what I want to do, and as long as what you want to do doesn't lessen my enjoyment of what I want to do we will be fine. On a macroscopic level it becomes extremely complicated. And, yes, I am patriotic, I just hate the people and what they have done to my great nation.

With clothing, if it isn't sexual in nature it needs to be traditionally conservative and stylish or functional (and amusing or offensive). The second two categories tend to frequently fit into the first, and for some people the first fits into the other two. I like boots, usually more rugged work or combat boots. I prefer my hair to be long, or gone, or of a style that time has shown to be decent. A variety of hairstyles work for a variety of women in a varity of situations.

I prefer the past to the present, but the future might turn out well.

*The Matrix trilogy, aside from bringing cyberpunk themes to many, is not very high on my list. The Animatrix did more for the series and cyberpunk than the movies could due to the obsession with "making it look pretty". Fuck special effects and action if they don't help the story. Also, with the Matrix I developed a grudge against Keanau Reeves. A Scanner Darkly has made me homocidal toward him. Why has he been chosen to represent the face of cyberpunk when there are so many more worthy actors?

**Used here to mean things that many may not recoginse as science. I refuse to list or define these.