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OK...Fucking tired of these fuckers. Yes, I am sick, motherfucker. I am not as strong as I am when healthy. So why is it, exactly, that I am out making sure everything is ready to go, even if I am a bit slow to rise and taking a breather every couple minutes, and I walk inside and see people who have been doing nothing the past couple days sitting in here, online, or in front of the television, rather than helping us make sure their vehicles are ready to go?

Or, please explain to me the sense in this: I try to get people a ride to go eat, and find they are to busy so try to help them out. I request that those who are going get a few plates to bring back to those who worked through lunch. Rather than taking 8 to-go plates without permission I request that the one of us in a leadership position who is going let the manager of the dining facility know we need 8 plates to take back, but get told to just grab plates, even with the "No to-go plates without permission of the management" rule posted on every door. Then I get informed by this individual that we have 30 minutes to get everyone their plates, as well as our own, to finish eating, then be out in the truck. I do not finish eating my food, but ensure I have food for everyone else, and get outside to the truck.

Yes, yes...then I try to make sure that the plates get to their people. Foolish me! most people got their food. But when I go to track down a plate that is missing I am informed it was given to one of the individuals from the first paragraph, that had a chance to go get his own food, and has been sitting around watching television all day. I go to ask another individual if he had any food left over, that I could give to the guy who had no plate, as the so-called leader gave his plate to someone else.

I assume this individual went and informed the guy that the bitch did this, and that all he had was the tuna I got him. He went to her and thanked her for the plate she didn't bring him. She finds me, and, as the very mature leader that she is, bitches at me telling me it was my responsibility to get him the plate, and that the person I told her to get food for had a plate, so she was not getting it for him, making it right to give it to anyone else (one of the 2 other guys who knew who all the plates were for gave the person the plate that led to this). She claims I am irresponsible, which I will accept, but NOT before I comprehend how she showed any responsibility, or even did things the way they we are told to do them.

I do not think she is to blame. At least, not her alone. I blame the fools she whined to asking to get promoted. I blame the guy who is senior to her that took the food of one of the people both of them should be looking out for (I can just imagine how this fucking convoy will be, especially in the unlikely even we get attacked. We have been here a year. How can these people still not have their shit straight?). I blame myself, for so much, including trying to help out those around me, and still believing things should sometimes be done the way they are set up to be run. I do not blame Eris for pushing the hand of one individual to give a plate to someone who I had already sent someone to give a plate to. I blame the parents of the pathetic, lazy people (including myself) who never showed their children to be more responsible. Now I see again why I do not want a child. Perhaps if I can create a perfect humanoid creature and raise it the way it should be raised I will father a child. So tired of being alone, and so flawed. Fucking glad I will soon be able to limit my exposure to these foul creatures. Currently do not care if I seem "odd" or "weird" to them. My interests are my own, and soon I will no longer need to waste my time attempting to conform to their standards. These deluded animals are the most despicable things I have yet come across.

At least that lovely song that they do that Tango dance to is pretty to me. Wait...that is the song and dance, isn't it? Regardless, it is beautiful.
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