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Fear what is to come...what I become...


just wish I HAD MY DAMNED FREEDOM! Maybe early april.

Wrote a little bit. Tiny little bit. It actually rhymed, kinda. Didn't sound like rap lyrics, either. Hope to avoid letting it go there when that is not my goal. Realised while writing that some of it had multiple meanings before it came out of the head, such as the variation of the piece used for the subject of this post. Too much open use of some opinions and experiences. For some reason there was minimal obstruction of meaning (which often provides further inspiration as I find what that which I use to hide the original ideas means to me.) Had to write when I did or had to take a long break, and since I had a very short time limit on what I was doing I wrote while waiting for the ancient machine to complete what it was doing, so as to continue my work.

Was having problems by that point. Took me like 5 minutes to create a folder, name it, create another folder in the first, name that one, then take a file from an email and put it in the second folder. Kept getting confused and forgetting what I was doing.

Got to be creative later also, as I had to brief our stuff today (also did it yesterday...really getting tired of it). Took our basic slide, and since what I was talking about mentioned a chicken farm I added some clip art. Goofy smiling chicken head, and a white chicken. found a decent gasmask for the white chicken and shrunk it down and put it on the head. Now I had a chicken that could protect itself. Gave my information but didn't have the balls to throw in "We should also keep an eye out for mutant chickens that have acquired super strength and endurance due to exposure to chemicals. These chickens could present a problem if they decided to attack us, and they could possibly counter our defenses." I think I wanna write more about them, maybe do some comics, and call them something original like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Chickens" or something.
I sure do love fowl things.
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