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Back up, son, gimme room, gimme room...

First, we are temporarily out of water...

I decided to take a book, Immortal Coil, with me when I was on the tower. Finished reading when we got to our first destination on the convoy today (this was supposed to be about a third of the way through our entire trip, but ended up being the halfway mark). The convoy was a waste of time (Time, because we ended up in a traffic jam, someone jack knifed, then a HMMWV hit 'em...when they were pulling it out the wrecker got stuck, so they had to get another one to pull it out. A waste in general due to the fact that we went to go pick up some people and pick up a tent. We got there, no people, no tent. To prevent such from happening the guy in charge of the convoy asked if anyone had called to verify that those we were going to get were there. He was told they were. Love it.)

I noticed at some point during the week that I felt very much as Data was described as feeling in the book. By that I mean, obviously, emotionally (remember, he hasn't always had emotions), especially when he didn't know how to react to them. Sad thing is I am worse with it than he is.

Have other topics I wanted to discuss, but I will worry about that in the morning, if I ever get to sleep.
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