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Hope to be leaving in a week. Got some stupid generic award today. Oddly, there were a couple people who did not get one, though it seemed everyone else was getting them. I feel that I do not deserve the shit they keep giving me.

Anyway, Internet connection seems much more stable. Was watching tv earlier, too. Now we get more than just AFN. I noticed a "Babe TV" channel, as well as a several sex tv channels. I think my favorite is 4FunTV. Has music and stuff. Saw a series of, um, "animated" shorts with this dog looking thing. 2 of note were one where the dog pissed on this guys motorcycle and the guy put this thing on the dog. It looked like a tube that went from the dog's firehose to above his head. It appeared it was to make the dog piss on itself. Another showed the dog barking at this ostrich looking thing. The bird put its head in its ass. The best part is they were really short, not long enough to get boring.

The dining facility was out of that red tomato based condiment that everyone puts on their fries and burgers and hotdogs. They have been running low on milk for a few days and are now out of everything but strawberry and banana milk. Only juice they have is man juice...that is, man-go juice, I mean.

I didn't eat enough pig flesh today, so at dinner I made my ice cream look like a pig's head and ate that. Yummy, chocolate flavored piggy. (someone just farted...I can't wait to get out of here)

Supplemental: Just found out there is going to be a HOPE convention this year. I have wanted to go to the last 2, but have been unable to go (same with various other gatherings of people). It is from July 9-11...I do not start my terminal leave until August. I will take a few days, or try and sneak to it if I have someone to go with, but I really want to go. Plus it seems, since it is the Fifth HOPE, that this one would be a good one for me to start with. So if someone out there would like to accompany me to HOPE this year, please let me know.
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